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The Kobe Experience
Featuring Teppanyaki, Traditional, and Sushi dining options. We look forward to serving you as you experience the spectacular cuisine and entertainment for which KOBE is famous!


Teppanyaki TableThe Dining Experience

Kobe Japanese Steakhouse specializes in Teppanyaki or Hibachi cooking. Guests will delight as a personal chef prepares succulent steak, chicken, and seafood dishes according to the ancient Hibachi style of food preparation.

While the preparation method is traditional, each chef brings their own sense of humor and spontaneity to the table. All entrees are prepared at your table by Teppan Chefs in a display of flashing knives and exotic aromas. Every meal is a culinary and performance delight that you are sure to enjoy. Watch Our Videos

All Teppanyaki Entrees include our Japanese Clear Onion Soup, Crisp Green Salad, Fresh Oriental Vegetables, Grilled Noodles, and Fried Rice. View Our Teppanyaki Menu

For a quick and private meal, step into our traditional Japanese dining room.  Here you'll find Japanese favorites including tempura and teriyaki selections along with other popular Asian dishes.  

Hibachi Entrees are also available for Traditional Dining.  As with Teppanyaki, Hibachi Entrees include our Japanese Clear Onion Soup, Crisp Green Salad, Fresh Oriental Vegetables, Grilled Noodles, and Fried Rice.
View Our Traditional Menu

Watch as our talented sushi chefs transform top quality ingredients into sushi favorites.  Popular items include the Red Dragon Roll - Tempura Shrimp, Cucumber, Spicy Tuna, Tempura Flakes, Spicy Mayo, Eel Sauce, Masago, Scallions - and the Grilled Lobster Roll - Steamed Shrimp, Avocado, Cucumber, Volcano Topping, Grilled Garlic Butter Lobster Tail.  Sweet-sour pickled ginger and fiery wasabi accompany all sushi selections. View our Sushi Menu

Learn About the Art of Sushi

Kobe Birthday Celebration


Known for our spectacular cuisine and entertainment, Kobe is fun for all ages.  Whether you bring your family, friends, or a date, let us bring you a little closer to a taste of Japan and an experience that draws everyone together.  Come join us for your Birthday, Anniversary, or Special Occasion.  It's your chance to enjoy Japanese in a unique dining experience for your special day!

We will be delighted to adapt our services for your specific occasions such as group banquets, wedding rehearsal dinners, anniversaries or birthdays.  Banquet Facilities Information



Kobe Steakhouse Lobby
Incorporating traditional Japanese elements such as stone and wood, our decor is designed to welcome our guests.  Bamboo can be found throughout the restaurant as it is an essential part of Japanese aesthetics. Bamboo represents the Samurai Spirit as they are cleanly cut and do not head their inner desires.  Miniature Bonsai Trees greet our guests at the door.  The art of Bonsai was introduced into the Japanese culture in the thirteen century and evolved into a personal expression of Zen Buddhism.


Kobe Japanese Steak House has been a success since the first location was opened in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, in 1978. Having enjoyed success in Canada, Kobe restaurants began opening in the U.S.A.

In 1984, Chau Nguyen - Kobe's president and CEO, opened the first Kobe Japanese Steak House in Altamonte Springs with the help of his parents.  Assisted by his uncle, Vice President  of Operations, and his sister, Vice President of Administration, Kobe has grown from one restaurant with 30 employees to over ten restaurants with 600 employees.  All the restaurants are located in Florida and a few of the original employees are still with the company today.  

While each restaurant building differs slightly on the outside, inside you'll always find three separate Japanese dining experiences - a sushi bar, a traditional Japanese dinging area, and Teppanyaki tables. Kobe specializes mainly in Teppanyaki cooking where the food is prepared and cooked on a hibachi table in front of customers; however, sushi bars and regular dining tables are available where traditional Japanese cuisine is also served.

The restaurant's main objective is to create a Japanese atmosphere to give our customers a feeling of having traveled to Japan for a delicious and authentic Japanese meal.   Kobe not only gives you good food, but a happy dining experience - a place to celebrate.